Discovery Engine

Discovery Engine

Simplify Your Vendor Evaluation Process


Procuring technology can be challenging, a process that may overwhelm even the most seasoned executives and teams. Discovery Engine streamlines this process by consolidating the world’s best cybersecurity, application, and cloud solutions into a single view. 


Streamlined Information

Escape information overload. View only what aligns with your specific needs.

Engage vendors, bypass excess calls

Conduct research without the intrusion of sales pitches. Evade the immediate sales cycle and safeguard your privacy.

No Bias, Full Authenticity

Maintain early control of the sales process. Thoroughly assess potential vendors before scheduling any meetings.

One Dashboard, Full Knowledge

Curate a vendor shortlist according to your criteria. Access all essential information in one centralized location.

Largest Selection Of Vendor Information

Over 3000 technology vendors and an extensive collection of more than 100,000 vendor marketing and technical documents.

Automated Research & Discovery

Harness machine learning to chart and comprehend your existing environment. Discover new features from current vendors or explore introductions to new one. Reduce vendor discovery times by up to 90%.

Vendor Score Card

Leverage scorecards for secure, swift, and intelligent business decisions. A higher score signifies superior integration with your existing in-house solution

Collaboration Features

Invite team members to explore Discovery Engine for enhanced learning and development. Share or save search results with colleagues to boost productivity.

Discover. Evaluate. Select.

Leveraging robust machine learning and distinctive algorithms, Discovery Engine simplifies the process of discovering top-notch cybersecurity, application, and cloud solutions worldwide. Enhance product visibility through precise filters, navigating our diverse vendor ecosystem based on industry, specific use cases, and other critical criteria for your organization.

Acquire actionable intelligence, stay abreast of evolving market trends, review current marketing collateral, and assess vendor compatibility. When prepared, promptly access a vendor’s contact information to initiate the sales and demo process.

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Find Vendors While Protecting Your Inbox


The modern sales process is widely recognized for its intrusive nature. Opting for a demo or marketing asset often results in a barrage of emails, follow-ups, and calls, even during the initial research phase.

Discover top-tier vendors that align with your current IT environment and integrations without being overwhelmed by aggressive sales tactics. The Discovery Engine prioritizes your privacy by providing instant access to all necessary marketing and technical documentation.

Evaluate a company’s datasheets, case studies, ebooks, whitepapers, and other uploaded assets while conducting comparisons with similar vendors. If you find something appealing, schedule a demo directly through the Discovery Engine. By doing so, the Discovery Engine relieves the pressure to make an immediate purchase, allowing you to explore vendor products at your own pace and gain a deeper understanding of their value and functionality.

Discover top-tier vendors.

Take complete command and visibility over the vendor discovery process by instantly accessing all the pertinent product information you require.

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