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What to Look for in Mobile Security

Mobile security is about the protection of handheld (mobile devices) from cybersecurity threats. Mobile endpoint security is one of the crucial concerns for modern-day businesses and enterprises. The growing use of mobile devices is what attracts hacking thefts, data loss, viruses, and other malicious practices.

The mobile security solutions are designed to protect corporate mobile data and applications without impacting employee productivity or user experiences. Get profound safety practices from untrusted mobile devices or bad actors.

Keep reading to know in-depth about mobile data protection services and how to choose the right one.

Understanding Shared Responsibility

Mobile Security

Understanding Mobile Endpoint Security

The future of business and communication lies with mobile devices like tablets, mobiles, laptops, and smartphones. They bring flexibility and ease of mobility because of their powerful size, operating system, applications, and processing power. All they need is an internet connection to assist individuals and businesses.

The expanded portability and affordability of mobile devices is what attracts cybercriminal activities. The malicious activities can serve a huge scale of damage to devices and organizations using them. Internet is a channel for transferring trojan horses or other viruses to corrupt the system or ransomware. That’s what makes enterprise mobile security a crucial concern for vulnerability to attacks and data breaches.

The ease of authentication in mobile devices is an important risk for enterprise security. The entire mobile-based networks remain in dire need of mobile threats and security.

Not every mobile security solution vendor can cater to the need of all enterprises. Check out the multiple enterprise mobile security companies and choose what fits your requirement.

Choosing Your Mobile Security Provider

enterprise mobile security

Are you looking forward to maximizing your enterprise mobile security? We, at Discovery Engine, make it easy for you by bringing the industry-leading mobile security companies under one roof. Achieve comprehensive mobile device protection along with digital privacy.

The mobile endpoint management and security companies can help in dealing with ransomware, unsafe WiFi networks, malicious android apps, and plenty of other bad actors.

The professional security providers optimize the devices with the implementation of the right security practices.

Select the #1 mobile security solution provider on Discover Engine to stay ahead with mobile device protection.

Stay reading to get more details on mobile security!!

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Ask Detailed Security Questions

Once you’re nearing your selection for a cloud service provider, asking some detailed questions can help you best understand if they are right for your business.

It’s all too easy to believe the major providers have everything covered, but some security features differ widely from one to the next.

Consider things like:

  • What is your disaster recovery plan like?
  • What level of technical support is available?
  • What will be the workload split between your protection of our data and our protection?
  • How does encryption play a role in your security process?
  • What do your most recent penetration test results look like?

These and countless others are questions you can consider depending on the specific needs of your company. The better you can establish a relationship of understanding and mutual respect, the better the partnership will be.

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5 Powerful Features of Mobile Security Solutions

Mobile devices are prone to multiple vendor attacks in terms of application, network, and operating system levels. The mobile security solution should safeguard the device from all sorts of potential hacks and threats. With the unprecedented growth in the usage of mobile devices, relying on the mobile security company is evident to deal with the multi-channel bad actors

To implement the best security measures for mobile devices, improved risk visibility is a fundamental aspect. It is a highly essential component of enterprise mobility security strategies. Finding the right mobile security vendor at Discovery Engine can enable accurate risk accounting in the remote workforce.

Mobile devices and networks are an unavoidable need for enterprises or businesses. They need to rely on thousands of devices on day-to-day basis. But not all organizations focus on seamless management and security practices. The top-class android device mobile security solution is capable to safeguard countless devices and network connections. No matter how big or diverse is your business, the right mobile security vendor can assist with enterprise-level scalability.

One of the popularity and adoption of mobile devices is their role in business/employee productivity. The mobile device management and security solutions are effective to provide the required authentication without impacting the user experience. Thus, handheld device security contributes a lot to business operations or user experience.

Mobile devices are even useful in BYOD and dual usage as well. The mobile endpoint management security solutions can help in providing safety from compromised devices or user privacy.

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Current Enterprise Mobile Security Risks


It is one of the major mobile security threats for growing businesses. It involves the scanning attempt of sensitive data theft, user information, credentials, or more. In this mobile device's security risk, the fraudster sends phishing emails or SMS (Short Message Service) while pretending them from a legitimate source. Such text messages or emails will have fake links that could steal sensitive data. Having mobile security solutions in place can safeguard the organization from phishing attacks.


Cryptojacking is another form of malware that attacks the computing potential of the organization or individual network. The bad actors can keep mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum after degrading the system's ability and effectiveness. The top-notch mobile security solutions can manage and secure can keep the finances and cryptocurrencies secure.

Malware and ransomware

Malware in mobile devices is hidden software, apps, or spyware to damage or get access to business networks. The bad actors can gain illegitimate access/control of the computer, server, or computer network. Further, the fraudsters can ask for ransom against the threat of destroying essential data and files. The cloud-based mobile security solutions can avoid such malware or ransomware problems.

Unsecured WiFi

Unsecured WiFi hotspots pose advanced threats to mobile devices used in the organization. Cybercriminals can enhance device vulnerability with intercepted traffic and private information. Mobile security solutions can restrict cybercriminal practices in destroying corporate and personal data.


mobile security solution

Your enterprise needs mobile security solution for enhanced safety and privacy standards. Gone are the days when businesses used to remain in a vulnerable state. Select your top-notch mobile security vendor and avoid infrastructure exposure in front of malicious activities.

The robust mobile endpoint security enables easy access to sensitive data in a safe and secure manner.

Discovery Engine has a plethora of mobile security vendors to cater to organizations’ handheld devices and mobile network security.

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